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Learning Greek through Movies: Fun & Easy!

Learning a new language can always be a challenge. However, watching movies can certainly help you learn Greek in an easy and fun way. Develop your listening skills and get to know Greek customs and culture through Greek cinematography.

From comedies to dramas, and modern situations to historical ones, Greek movies demonstrate a wide variety of genres and we’re sure you’ll find a movie of your taste.

In this blog, we’re presenting some of the most popular Greek movies and quotes, aiming to encourage you to combine learning with entertainment. Our recommended Greek movies should help you do that without a hitch! Here are some tips to improve your pronunciation while watching movies in Greek.

Ways to improve pronunciation

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Table of Contents

  1. A Touch of Spice
  2. What if…
  3. The Island 1 & 2
  4. Little England
  5. 5 More Minutes
  6. The Bachelor I & II
  7. Brides
  8. Perfect Strangers
  9. A Bee in August
  10. Worlds Apart
  11. How Can Watching Greek Movies Help You Improve Your Greek?

Movie genres

1. A Touch of Spice (2003)

  • Greek Title: Πολίτικη κουζίνα
  • Romanization: Polítiki kuzína
  • English Title: “A Touch of Spice”

A touch of spice poster

This is an experiential film by Tassos Boulmetis, who is also the director. Tassos was born and raised in Constantinople (Istanbul) and narrates the issue of the prosecution of Greeks by the Turkish authorities in 1964. During this period, many Greeks were forced to leave their homes in Constantinople and move to Greece.

A Touch of Spice approaches this dramatic situation through traditional cooking and sets the family dinner as the glue that keeps the family together, no matter how harsh the circumstances are. So, get ready for a unique experience enhanced with emblematic music.

  • Greek quote: Η ζωή μας, για να νοστιμήσει, θέλει αλάτι.
  • Romanization: I zoí mas, ya na nostimísi, théli aláti.
  • Meaning: “Our life needs some salt in order to become more ‘tasty.’” (Tasty meaning “interesting”).

2. What if…. (2012)

    Greek Title: Αν…
    Romanization: An…
    English Title: “What if…”

What if poster

Have you ever wondered what could have happened differently in your life if you had made different choices? Then this is definitely the movie for you. Meet Dimitris, a confirmed bachelor and his dog named Lonesome. Follow him in this adventure of parallel stories and remember…each and every little decision we make might seriously influence certain aspects of the future or even our whole life. The film is set in Athens, Greece during the years of the extended economic recession.

  • Greek quote: Αν σε γνώριζα, όλα θα ήταν αλλιώς…
  • Romanization: An se gnóriza, óla tha ítan alliós…
  • Meaning: “If I knew you, everything would be different…”

3. The Island 1 & 2 (2009, 2011)

  • Greek Title: Νήσος
  • Romanization: Nísos
  • English Title: “The Island”

This is a modern Greek comedy set on a Greek island. During this film, you’ll get close to the small island community centered around its most important figures: the mayor, the priest, the policeman, and the teacher. When a wealthy villager dies, his will includes the donation of a huge amount of money to various functional units of the village. However, in order to receive the money, certain terms and conditions should be met, which perplex everyone and reveal even the deepest secrets. The film was shot on the picturesque island of Sifnos, thus offering great views and scenery.

  • Greek quote: Όλον αυτόν τον καιρό το νησί μιλά για εμάς τους τέσσερις.
  • Romanization: Ólon aftón ton keró to nisí milá ya emás tus téseris.
  • Meaning: “During all this time, the whole island is talking about us four.”

4. Little England (2013)

  • Greek Title: Μικρά Αγγλία
  • Romanization: Mikrá Anglía
  • English Title: “Little England”

Little england poster

This is a Greek drama film of an unfulfilled love set on the small island of Andros at the beginning of the twentieth century. Greeks were famous for being great sailors, so many islanders chose this location in order to be able to provide for their families. Women of course were left behind to take care of their children, while their husbands were working on ships. This film focuses on a family consisting of two sisters, Orsa and Moscha. Will love lead the two sisters into conflict? How is the family balance affected? Get lost in this passionate film and find out.

  • Greek quote: Ευλογημένοι όσοι αγαπούν και αγαπιούνται τρελά.
  • Romanization: Evloyiméni ósi agapún ke agapiúnde trelá.
  • Meaning: “Blessed are those who love and are being madly loved in return.”

5. 5 More Minutes (2006)

  • Greek Title: 5 λεπτά ακόμα
  • Romanization: 5 leptá akóma
  • English Title: “5 More Minutes”

Tasos is madly in love with Alice until…he dies! However, “till death do us part” doesn’t make any sense to him, as even after death nothing about his feelings has changed. After reaching the Beyond, he is granted with five more minutes to use on Earth as he sees fit. This is a great Greek comedy, which you’ll certainly enjoy.

  • Greek quote: Τυφλώθηκες από τη ζήλεια σου.
  • Romanization: Tiflóthikes apó ti zília su.
  • Meaning: “You were blinded by your jealousy.”

6. The Bachelor I & II (2016, 2017)

Despite her father’s intense objections, the daughter of a famous heart surgeon is ready to marry the young grave digger she’s in love with. Having absolute trust in him, she arranges a bachelor party with his three childhood friends. This could be thought of as a similar Greek version of The Hangover movie, showcasing hilarious moments of similar caliber.

  • Greek quote: Παντρεύεται ο Αντώνης.
  • Romanization: Pandrévete o Andónis.
  • Meaning: “Antonis is getting married.”

7. Brides (2004)

  • Greek Title: Νύφες
  • Romanization: Nífes
  • English Title: “Brides”

Brides poster

This story is set in 1922 in Smyrni (Izmir), after the disaster of Asia Minor. This Greek drama film focuses on the story of a mail-order bride, specifically one of the seven-hundred sailing to America. Sending brides abroad was perceived as a chance for a better life, for both the girl and her family. The film approaches this storyline in an elegant yet shocking way. Young women are basically sent to their future husbands abroad, who get to know each other only through a photo and a letter. This is a clearly dramatic situation, but will love arise? Watch this film starring Damian Lewis amongst others, enjoy, and find out how this all unfolds.

  • Greek quote: Έχεις τόσο όμορφα μάτια!
  • Romanization: Éhis tóso ómorfa mátia!
  • Meaning: “You have such beautiful eyes!”

8. Perfect Strangers (2016)

  • Greek Title: Τέλειοι ξένοι
  • Romanization: Télii xéni
  • English Title: “Perfect Strangers”

Once seven friends meet up for dinner during a full moon on Friday night, they decide to play a game: Placing their mobile phones on the table and reading out loud each text or message they receive, as well as taking each call they receive on speakerphone. As a result, deep secrets are revealed, which shake their lives and threaten their relationships. This film is based on the Italian movie Perfetti Sconosciuti, including significant adjustments in order to integrate Greek customs and culture.

  • Greek quote: Τι μυστικά να έχουμε; Γνωριζόμαστε όλοι πλέον πάρα πολύ καλά.
  • Romanization: Ti mistiká na éhume? Gnorizómaste óli pléon pára polí kalá.
  • Meaning: “What secrets could we possibly have? We all know each other really well already.”

9. Α Bee in August (2007)

  • Greek Title: Μια μέλισσα τον Αύγουστο
  • Romanization: Mia mélissa ton Ávgusto
  • English Title: “A Bee in August”

Set on a secluded beach accessible only by boat, four friends are having fun by the sea. However, this is a strange combination of people, as the group consists of Haris, his wife, his mistress, and his half-German sister. By the time Haris gets stung by a bee, he realizes he’s allergic and everyone is trying to find a solution. A Bee in August was shot on a secluded beach in Halkidiki, Northern Greece and is a must-see Greek comedy film.

  • Greek quote: Σε τσίμπησε μια μέλισσα, αυτό είναι όλο, τέλος.
  • Romanization: Se tsímbise mia mélissa, aftó íne ólo, télos.
  • Meaning: “You got stung by a bee, that’s it, the end.”

10. Worlds Apart (2015)

  • Greek Title: Ένας άλλος κόσμος
  • Romanization: Énas álos kózmos
  • English Title: “Worlds Apart”

Worlds apart poster

This Greek romantic drama film is composed of three parallel stories which take place in Athens, Greece, during the years of economic recession. Racism, unemployment, love, and passion are combined in order to create a clear view of contemporary Greece. Three mini stories, centered around three different generations of Greeks create a romantic drama to remember, for sure.

  • Greek quote: Μην μπερδεύεις τη γερμανική πολιτική με τον γερμανικό λαό.
  • Romanization: Min berdévis ti yermanikí politikí me ton yermanikó laó.
  • Meaning: “Don’t confuse German politics with German people.”

11. How Can Watching Greek Movies Help You Improve Your Greek?

Watching Greek movies is a great way for you to improve your Greek, especially your listening and speaking skills. In addition, these films aren’t usually created for Greek language learners; they’re made for native Greek speakers. So, the language used is exactly how you hear it in real life—it’s spoken quickly and sometimes you come across different accents, idioms, and colloquialisms.

However, you can never fully understand a language until you get to know its cultural background. Films also work exceptionally in this way, as you can see how people live in Greece now, as well as in the past. Indeed, this might be the most magical part of learning—understanding a new way of life, including customs and cultural characteristics. is here to point out quality Greek movies for you, which can really help you reach your language learning goals. Stay tuned for more inspirational articles and useful lists. In the meantime, enjoy watching some of the all-time greatest Greek movies!

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