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How to Speak Greek

Have you finally decided to visit the alluring ancient country of Greece and long to learn how to speak Greek so that you can communicate with the residents or appreciate the Greek culture at a deeper level? Learning the Greek language does not have to be an overwhelming task. Though it is not always easy to learn a new language, if you are prepared for the challenge, and equipped with the right resources, you can enjoy the process.

Learning how to speak Greek effectively is different for every person. If you really want to learn the language and be able to use it well without struggling every moment you need to find your learning style and maximize it. It is possible that traditional, in-classroom Greek lessons from a local adult learning center or college may be the ideal way for you to learn the language. This, however, can be expensive and time-consuming. An alternative is to take such lessons from an online source. Not only is this type of language lesson generally much more affordable than an in-person version, but you will have the freedom to study whenever and wherever you please.

For most people, these structured Greek lessons will not be enough to really learn how to speak Greek. These lessons are great for building a foundation of Greek vocabulary, and introducing you to the Greek alphabet, but they may not provide the best opportunity if you are the type of person that learns best by listening.

If you tend to absorb information better by listening, try listening to Greek podcasts, or watching Greek TV. These will help you to become comfortable with Greek accents and introduce you to Greek phrases that are used in everyday conversation but may not have been a part of your lessons.

When you are learning how to speak Greek you will probably find that a Greek dictionary is a valuable supplement to your other learning activities. With a dictionary you can spend even a few spare moments during your day looking up Greek words and reviewing common Greek phrases so you can constantly build your grasp of the language.