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About Greek

The Greek language is one of the oldest living documented languages, and in its modern form it still forms the basis for many western words and root words.

While the exact origins of the Greek language are debated the language which Greek is believed to have derived from is known as Proto-Greek. The first written form of historical Greek is found in the Mycenaean civilization where they used Linear B script. After the fall of the Mycenaean civilization three distinct Greek dialects were formed: Aeolic, Ionic, and Doric.

Other dialects that existed during this time period included Attic Greek, a subdialect of Ionic used by Athenians, which later turned into Koine Greek, otherwise known as the common language. During the time of the Byzantine Empire Greek became the predominant language and Greek translations of important works such as the Hebrew Bible first appeared. The first New Testament book was written in Greek. After the fall of the Byzantine Empire the language was still widely spoken and written and began to spread further.

In 1829 Greece became its own independent state and Modern Greek as we know it today became the official language.

Today Modern Greek is spoken by over 13 million people worldwide including emigrants to other countries throughout Europe and the Americas. The scientific community has adopted Greek words, along with Latin, to form the basis of its science vocabulary. Many English words are also rooted in the Greek language.

Because many classical pieces of literary work are written in Ancient Greek, many people who choose to learn Greek are interested in its many forms. This includes students interested in reading classic literature and language students interested in learning rots words and their meanings. Others are interested in learning Modern Greek phrases because they have cultural ties to Greece or because they are interested in visiting the country and want to be able to speak Greek while they are there.

Students who are interested in learning how to speak Greek will find a Greek podcast is one of the quickest and easiest ways to pick up the language. Through a podcast students will be taken through the steps of learning the Greek alphabet and then move on to learning Greek words and phrases. In addition, students will learn proper pronunciation through the study of Greek pronunciation.

Learning Greek can be an incredibly rich and fulfilling experience. While learning another language is never easy, it can be made easier through the use of Greek podcasts that will take students from beginner to advanced levels as quickly as they want to learn.