Meet the Team

Team Members

marco Chrissi was born and raised in Athens, Greece and moved to the UK in her late teens. She studied in London, achieving a Masters Degree (Msc) in Business & Computing at the City University of London. She has worked for large corporations such as Bechtel and GE Capital in London and currently resides in Tokyo, Japan. She is the creator and Director of Dancing4Kids charity network and the Director of the Programs Committee at the South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SACCJ). She is fluent in Greek and English and develops, edits and narrates content for the series. She is passionate about connecting with the world and supporting positive change and therefore enjoys the opportunity to spread the Greek language and culture through this program.
cinzia Fay was born in Australia by Greek parents and raised in Greece. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and has been residing in Japan for over 20 years, making her fluent in Greek, English and Japanese. Despite the small population of Greek citizens in Japan, Fay has been very active over the years maintaining the small community, especially focusing on families and on the education of children of international couples.
Iro Iro is a native Greek speaker from Thessaloniki and the Greek host of GreekPod101. She studied Tourism Management and speaks English and German fluently. Her love for foreign languages and cultures brought her to Berlin recently, where she is hoping to work in cinematography all while learning more languages and helping others learn or improve their Greek.
Ourania Ourania is a Greek language teacher from Athens. She has a passion for her native language and she loves writing. As a tutor, she has been teaching Greek to foreigners for 13 years and now she is using her extensive experience in order to develop lessons for GreekPod101.
Judith Judith has a passion for learning and teaching languages. She speaks more than 8 languages (not counting languages she dabbles in), has taught languages as a private tutor for several years already and recently finished up her university degree in linguistics.
Stefania Stefania was born and raised in Piraeus, Greece from a Greek father and a Costa Rican mother. Apart from Greek she also speaks Spanish, English, German, and a bit of French. From an early age she was interested in arts, especially singing and dancing. She also enjoys open sea sailing. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. As a big fan of traveling and experiencing different cultures, she has lived in all corners of the world including Greece, Austria, the U.A.E., Japan and Costa Rica. She believes that speaking languages is a rewarding experience that can broaden the choices we can make in life. That’s why she is very glad to be working with the team and hopes that the listeners will enjoy her work as well.
Stefania Gerasimos was born and raised in Athens, Greece, and is currently working on finishing the third year of a PhD specializing in tsunami geography, mainly tsunami vulnerability and vertical evacuation potential assessments. He came to Japan in 2009, and is now approaching the end of his sixth year in the country, studying as a research student, master’s student, and finally a doctoral student. Gerasimos has a high sense of ethics and morality, and always looks forward and aspires to become a better individual by helping others and contributing to communities in his areas of interest. He is always open to new information and knowledge, and to keeping an open mind and using critical thinking. Aside from Greek, he can speak English fluently and Japanese at an intermediate level.
Vasianna Valavosiki Vasianna Valavosiki Vasianna was born and raised in Rhodes, a scenic Greek island in the Aegean Sea, where she resides. Her mother is a teacher of English, so she became fluent in English at a very young age. She speaks Greek, English, German, and a bit of Mandarin Chinese - foreign languages always fascinated her, after all. She studied Applied Informatics in Economics at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki and achieved her Bachelors Degree (BSc). Always eager to learn more, she continued her studies achieving her Masters Degree (MSc) with honors in E-commerce and Innovation Technology, also at the University of Macedonia. Now, she studies for her second Masters Degree (MSc) in Open e-Government at the University of Stockholm. Early in her career, she decided to combine her studies with her passion for writing - this was the best choice she’s ever made. Today, she is a Marketing Professional, specializing in creating compelling content for businesses.