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Greek Verbs

The history of the Greek language is long and fascinating. Samples of written ancient Greek language can be found further back than any other European language. These early historical examples range from Mycenaean Greek to its more modern interpretation known as Koines Greek which gave birth to the Modern Greek we know today.

Nowadays, Modern Greek language is spoken in Greece and Cyprus as well as countries throughout Europe and the Americas which have large immigrant Greek populations. Students who are interested in learning Greek will most likely begin by learning the Greek alphabet and move on to learning Greek words and phrases. As students begin learning words, they will encounter Greek verbs as part of their lesson plans.

The first thing students will encounter when they begin learning Greek verbs is that all verbs have a voice, tense, and mood. Voice refers to the verb being either active or passive. Ancient Greek verbs also include a middle voice.

Mood in a verb shows that an action is either based in reality or facts, indicative; an action is being requested or is hypothetical, subjunctive; or is being directly requested, imperative. Ancient Greek verbs also included an optative mood, which translates to verbs that are hopeful and wishful.

Modern Greek verbs have two possible tenses: past and non-past. Ancient Greek verbs include present verbs which in Modern Greek would form a non-past verb and future verbs which is now shown through sentence construction.

Learning Greek verbs is a fairly involved process that requires a lot of study and understanding of the above principles, and other themes such as regular and irregular verbs.

If you are interested in learning Greek verbs and the principles that govern their use a Greek podcast can help you to get started. Online Greek lessons will get you started right away with learning different verbs and nouns that you will be able to put together to begin forming sentences.

A podcast can help bring order to the confusing world of Greek verbs. In fact, many people who first begin to learn the Greek language often take one look at Greek verbs and begin wondering if they’ll ever be able to learn all the rules. This is where a podcast can help by introducing students to the study of Greek verbs in easy to learn steps. At the same time students can begin learning words and phrases that will have them speaking conversational Greek right away.