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Greek Vocabulary Words

Just as with any language, the key to learning how to speak Greek quickly and effectively is building a strong Greek vocabulary. Developing your vocabulary will help you to not only work through your lessons with more confidence, but will also help you to be able to communicate confidently earlier in your learning process.

Learning Greek is not a different adventure than learning any other language. You must build your vocabulary through a variety of means, and then learn to manipulate this vocabulary into real-life applications. You can learn the Greek language in various ways. Finding the one that works best for you will help you to enjoy the process more thoroughly, and find success more rapidly.

One way that you can build your Greek vocabulary is by utilizing the resource of a Greek dictionary. Whether you choose to use one that is an actual paper book, or an online version, a dictionary can be a powerful tool for learning a variety of Greek words and phrases. Even if you are extremely busy you will probably be able to find a few extra minutes between activities, whether it is during lunch or while you wait for a doctor’s appointment. In just these few minutes you can study the Greek language, making building your vocabulary not only an easy part of your day, but a fun game.

Another highly effective way of building your vocabulary is through listening to Greek podcasts. Many people learn languages best through hearing the language, just as they did with their Native tongue, meaning that by immersing themselves in actual use of the language it will begin to “sink in”. This is because listening to a Native speaker will not only expose you to Greek vocabulary, but to the accents used, and the pacing of normal conversation. This can be highly beneficial when you are ready to attempt to communicate on your own. Consider keeping your Greek dictionary on hand while listening to these podcasts so that you can look up any words or phrases that you don’t recognize.

You can find your own creative ways to bolster your Greek vocabulary. Spend a day trying to speak only in Greek, even if that means consulting your dictionary constantly, or fill your home with sticky notes identifying various objects. However you can do it, building your vocabulary of both words and common phrases will put you on the fast track to reaching your goal of speaking Greek.