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Becky: Listeners, as promised, we are bringing out some new features - and these will definitely get you speaking more of your language!
Becky: Welcome to Innovative Language Sunday News! I'm Becky and I'll be your host. And my co-host today is the founder of Innovative Language... Peter Galante!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Becky: In this Sunday News, we’re talking about the Newly Upgraded Core Word Lists, Vocabulary Lists and one last chance for you to get a massive 45% OFF!
Peter: Listeners, our new language learning tools and features are coming out now...
Becky: ...Brand new lessons are released every single week...
Peter: ...and remember, we’ve planned over 3,300 new lessons across all of our sites.
Becky: But today, we’re going to talk about 2 awesome features...
Peter: ...that will get you speaking more by teaching you vocabulary and phrases fast.
Becky: You’ll find out what they are in a second.
Peter: But first, listen up. We’ve extended the 2015 Challenge Sale for 1 more day!
Becky: Get 1-Year Premium for just $99. That’s a BIG 45% OFF...
Peter: ...so you can start your 2015 Language Learning Resolution with our great learning system.
Becky: Get one whole year of our best lessons, study tools, exclusive apps and...
Peter: ...you also get access to my exclusive Inner Circle. That's my monthly newsletter packed with tried and true tactics and success strategies for mastering language.
Becky: That’s right - one whole year of effective lessons to help you reach your 2015 resolution.
Peter: So take the 2015 challenge. Get 1-Year Premium at 45% OFF and Inner Circle Access.
Becky: Just use coupon code CHALLENGE2015...
Peter: ...or click on the link in the lesson description by Monday, January 19th, 2015.
Becky: Alright Peter. Let's talk about those new features!
Peter: Sure, Becky. Listeners, ... these WILL get you speaking more.
Becky: We’re talking about two features. One is our Core Word Lists...
Peter: ...Which give you the 2,000 most used words in the language...
Becky: ... along with thousands of sample sentences, audio pronunciation and pictures.
Peter: That’s enough words to be conversationally fluent in your target language!
Becky: This 2,000 Core Word List is for our Premium users.
Peter: The second feature is Our Free Vocab Lists....
Becky: ...which are the Bonus Vocabulary Emails that we send out from time to time...
Peter: ...where you can learn words related to holidays, current events and other useful phrases.
Becky: They only take a few minutes to learn. So Peter, what’s new about these features?
Peter: Well, Becky, both of these are completely redesigned...
Becky: So there are some awesome new things you can do.
Peter: Such as review all the words in a slideshow by clicking “View Slideshow”.
Becky: Basically, you can just sit back and watch the slideshow.
Peter: It’ll show the words and the meanings, play the pronunciation, and show a related picture.
Becky: It’s that easy!
Peter: Next, you can zoom in on words, turn romanization off and on, and leave a comment for extra practice.
Becky: For the vocab lists, you get an audio lesson and can listen to all the words and translations.
Peter: Again, it's a very easy way to learn the words! Just look for the “Play Audio” option.
Becky: This is a free audio lesson that you get along with the word list! I think this is a great feature.
Peter: Now, if you’re a Premium user, you can send the words to your Word Bank or to a Flashcard deck with 1 click.
Becky: Listeners, you can find both the Core Word lists and the Vocabulary lists in the Resources drop-down menu on the site.
Peter: Remember, the vocabulary lists are free and the 2,000 Core Word List is a Premium feature...
Becky: So if you want to take advantage of these and other upcoming Premium features...
Peter: ...Then take the 2015 Challenge, where you Get 1 Year of Premium for just $99!
Becky: You unlock our complete learning system for as low as $8.25 a month.
Peter: That means all of our lessons, lesson notes, and study tools including the new core word lists, exclusive apps...
Becky: ...plus exclusive access to the Inner Circle.
Peter: Get 1-Year Premium for $99. Save a BIG 45% by Monday, January 19th, 2015.
Becky: Listeners, click on the link in the lesson description right now.


Becky: Well that’s all we’ve got time for! You’ve been listening to Innovative Language.com Sunday news!*
Peter: Bye everyone!*
Becky: Thank you for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.*


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Sunday at 06:30 PM
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Have you tried the new lists and their features yet? Let us know!

GreekPod101.com Verified
Tuesday at 03:22 AM
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Hello George,

Your feedback is very helpful for us. I will forward your information to the rest members of the team for consideration before any future updates.

Thanks again,


Team GreekPod101.com

Wednesday at 11:24 AM
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It would be very helpful to add phrases to the flash cards at some point. The lessons don't seem to follow any order. They're almost random. To allow a user to "save" and practice sections that need to be repeated the user either has to mark the entire lesson or only individual words.

It would also be a lot more useful to update the Greek Pod 101 dictionary to have all the verb conjugations. That way, users can go to one place and search for a verb and see all the tenses.

Thank you for responding,


GreekPod101.com Verified
Tuesday at 06:35 PM
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Hello George,

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately the current system doesn't support adding sentences to the flashcards, only vocabulary.

We do hope you are enjoying the other features though, especially the free vocabulary lists.

About the verb conjugation and noun declension, please refer to the Beginner series. The grammar of this series focuses mainly on those two points.


Then please also check the Upper Beginner series, especially lessons (2, 3, 6-8, 12-16, 19, 23, 24)

In Absolute Beginner there are also some lessons here and there (check lessons 2, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 23) but for more detailed and intense verb conjugation learning you should check out the Intermediate series lesson 1-12:


Please understand that at the Absolute Beginner level it's difficult to introduce all about nouns and verbs. It's a large part of Greek grammar and it requires some time and series in order to be covered.

For tables of verb conjugations, please check the following resource:


I hope all the above information will be useful. Please don't hesitate to contact us again if you need more help or have any questions.

Kind regards,


Team GreekPod101.com

Monday at 09:18 PM
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

It doesn't seem very different. I still can't add complete phrases to the flash cards which is really one thing that makes Greek Pod 101 very difficult to learn with.

How do I do this?

Also there are no lessons that teach verb conjugation and noun conjugation for all the most commonly used words. Those lesson are here and there but there's no one spot to go to learn this.