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Lesson Transcript

Welcome to GreekPod101.com’s “Ελληνικά σε 3 λεπτά”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Greek.
Γεια, λέγομαι Χρυσή. Χαίρω πολύ. Hi, I'm Chrissi. Pleased to meet you.
In this series, we’re going to learn basic Greek expressions. It’s super easy and it only takes three minutes!
In this lesson, you’re going to learn how to introduce yourself in Greek. There are only two sentences you need to do it, but first it is important to clarify that in Greek there is a difference between formal and informal language.
Let’s first see how Greek people introduce themselves in an *informal* situation.
Γεια, λέγομαι Χρυσή. Χαίρω πολύ. Hi, I'm Chrissi. Pleased to meet you.
[slowly] Γεια, λέγομαι Χρυσή. Χαίρω πολύ.
Start by saying: Γεια, λέγομαι... then, say your name). Γεια, λέγομαι Χρυσή. Finally, say Χαίρω πολύ.
Γεια, λέγομαι Χρυσή. Χαίρω πολύ.
And now let’s see the same sentence in formal speech,
Χαίρετε, λέγομαι Χρυσή Παπαδοπούλου. Χαίρω πολύ για τη γνωριμία. Hello, my name is Chrissi Papadopoulou. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
[slowly] Χαίρετε, λέγομαι Χρυσή Παπαδοπούλου. Χαίρω πολύ για τη γνωριμία.
So, what has changed from the previous introduction?
Let’s take a look at close look at these together.
Γεια has been substituted with the formal greeting χαίρετε, Greek for "rejoice"
λέγομαι Χρυσή has not been changed; λέγομαι stands in both cases for "my name is" however during a formal self introduction we also say our last name, so I said Χρυσή Παπαδοπούλου. Here, you would say your full name.
Finally, there is one more change to the ending: we added the words για τη γνωριμία to the phrase χαίρω πολύ; in informal cases, we can just say χαίρω πολύ (literally, “I am happy or pleased” but in informal cases it’s good to add για τη γνωριμία which is Greek for “the acquaintance” or in this case “your acquaintance”.
One more time: The informal way to introduce yourself in Greek is Γεια, λέγομαι Χρυσή. Χαίρω πολύ.
The formal way to introduce yourself is
Χαίρετε, λέγομαι Χρυσή Παπαδοπούλου.
Now it’s time for Chrissi’s Insights.
Greek people usually shake hands when they meet someone; sometimes extremely vigorously! So accompany your introduction with your best firm handshake and if you’re not sure if you have to use the formal or the informal greeting, the informal greeting (χαίρω πολύ) is not considered rude; it’s acceptable and used widely even in formal situations.
Do you know how we say “thank you” in Greek? You’ll learn how to say this and many other words in the next lesson. Θα τα ξαναπούμε στο επόμενο μάθημα! See you then!