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Lesson Transcript

Hi! My name is Eleni and we will do the Greek weekly words. So let’s see what is the theme of this week, being sick. Είμαι άρρωστος. (Íme árostos.) “I am sick.”
1. πονοκέφαλος (ponokéfalos) “headache”
“I have a headache.” So - Έχω έναν πονοκέφαλο. (Ého énan ponokéfalo.) and this is what I was struggling all this last week.
Την τελευταία εβδομάδα είχα πάρα πολλούς πονοκεφάλους. (Tin teleftéa evdomáda íha pára polús ponokefálus.) “The last week, I had a lot of headaches.”
2. στομαχόπονος (stomahóponos) “stomach ache”
Οταν τρώω πολύ, με πιάνει στομαχόπονος. (Otan tróo polí, me piáni stomahóponos.) “When I'm eating too much, I have a stomach ache.”
3. πυρετός (piretós) “fever”
Την προηγούμενη εβδομάδα είχα πολύ υψηλό πυρετό. (Tin proigúmeni evdomáda íha polí ipsiló piretó.) “The last week, I had a very high fever.”
And this is true.
4. κρύωμα (kríoma) “cold”
Τον χειμώνα πολλοί άνθρωποι παθαίνουνε κρυώματα. (Ton himóna polí ánthropi pathénune kriómata.) “During the winter, a lot of people are getting a cold.”
5. γρίπη (grípi) “flu”
Όταν έχεις γρίπη, καλύτερα να κάθεσαι σπίτι σου. (Ótan éhis grípi, kalítera na káthese spíti su.) “When you have a flu, it's better to stay at home.”
Thank you very much for watching us, and if you want to leave your comment on how you were feeling this week, I hope you were not sick, but if you were sick, you can leave your message and we will take a look on that. So, if you want to learn more Greek words, check our website, GreekPod101.com. Thank you very much. Goodbye!