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Lesson Transcript

Hi! My name is Eleni, Είμαι η Ελένη (Eímai i Eléni). And we will do the Greek Weekly Words together. So, let’s see what is the theme of today, “rooms”, so δωμάτια (domátia) and let’s find out the first word…
1. σαλόνι (salóni) “living room”
The σαλόνι (salóni) the “living room” is a very particular room in a Greek house.
We can say - Α, τι όμορφο σαλόνι που έχεις! (A, ti ómorfo salóni pu éhis!) “Oh, what a wonderful living room you have!”
2. τραπεζαρία (trapezaría) “dining room”
Θα φάμε στην τραπεζαρία. (Tha fáme stin trapezaría.) “We will eat in the dining room.”
3. κουζίνα (kuzína) “kitchen”
Περνάς πάρα πολλή ώρα στην κουζίνα. (Pernás pára polí óra stin kuzína.) So “You are spending a lot of time in the kitchen.”
4. μπάνιο (bánio) “bathroom”
Στο σπίτι μου έχουμε δύο μπάνια. (Sto spíti mu éhume dío bánia.) “In my house, we have two bathrooms.”
In Greece, we have in general, two bathrooms; one for guests and one for family. The bathroom for guests is always very clean and very proper, and the bathroom for the family is, in general, the opposite, so, with a lot of things.
5. υπνοδωμάτιο (ipnodomátio) “bedroom”
Υπνοδωμάτιο (Ipnodomátio) is the room where you are sleeping. Yes, in Greek houses, we have also υπνοδωμάτια (ipnodomátia).
Το αγαπημένο μου δωμάτιο σε ένα σπίτι είναι το υπνοδωμάτιο. (To agapiméno mu domátio se éna spíti íne to ipnodomátio.) “My preferable room in a house is the bedroom.”
Yeah, it’s a little bit cliche, but I think that Greek people appreciate very much the bedrooms and they are taking, also, some nap during the day, normally, between 2:00 until 5:00, and this period, we call it ώρες κοινής ησυχίας (óres kinís isihías).
And this is the end! Thank you very much for watching us. If you want to leave a comment, let us know what is your preferable room in your house and why. Please check out our website so GreekPod101.com. Thank you very much for watching us today and see you next week. Goodbye!