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Lesson Transcript

Hi! My name is Eleni, Είμαι η Ελένη (Eímai i Eléni). And we will do today the Greek Weekly Words. So let’s see what is the theme of today. The theme is hobbies.
1. σερφάρω στο διαδίκτυο (serfáro sto diadíktio) “I’m surfing the net”
So σερφάρω (serfáro) is an English word, but we use it also in Greek and something that a lot of people, young people are doing today.
Πολλοί νέοι σήμερα σερφάρουν στο διαδίκτυο. (Polí néi símera serfárun sto diadíktio.) “A lot of young people today are surfing on the net.”
The next one is…
2. παίζω ένα μουσικό όργανο (pézo éna musikó órgano) “playing a musical instrument”
You can ask someone - Τι μουσικό όργανο παίζεις; (Ti musikó órgano pézis?) “What musical instrument are you playing?”
And the other can answer you - Παίζω πιάνο. Παίζω βιολί. (Pézo piáno. Pézo violí.) “I'm playing piano. I'm playing violin.”
3. χορεύω (horévo) “to dance”
Yeah, dancing, traditional Greek dances like Καλαματιανό (Kalamatianó), Πεντοζάλι (Pendozáli).
You can say that, okay, “Today, let's go dance.” Σήμερα πάμε να χορέψουμε. “Símera páme na horépsume.”
4. παίζω σκάκι (pézo skáki) “play chess”
I’m actually playing chess and I love that.
I will say to my friends - Πάμε να παίξουμε ένα σκάκι; (Páme na péxume éna skáki?) “Let's go play chess.”
5. τραγουδώ ένα τραγούδι (tragudó éna tragúdi) “sing a song”
And this is also something that Greek people like very much with dancing, so we are dancing and singing all the time. So you can see people in the street working and just, you know, a little bit singing like with a small voice, but anyway, we are still singing when working.
Τραγουδώ ένα τραγούδι. (Tragudó éna tragúdi.) “I'm singing a song.”
If you want to learn more Greek words, please check our website, GreekPod101.com. Yes, thank you very much for watching us. “Goodbye!” Γειά σας! (Geiá sas)!