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Lesson Transcript

Maria: Welcome back to our All About Greece series.
Iro: Geia sas.
Maria: Today, on GreekPod101.com, we bring you the Greece of today.
Iro: That’s right, Greek pop culture.
Iro: One of the more developed aspects of pop culture in Greece is the pop music scene.
Maria: Yes, Greek pop music has, in recent history, been dominating the charts in contrast to classic Greek music.
Iro: Of course, Greek music and traditional folk songs are still favorites of the older generation. And you can also see that influence in modern pop.
Maria: How would you describe Greek pop music, Iro?
Iro: Well, we Greeks love an upbeat rhythm to dance to, so you get a lot of that.
Maria: But the hip-hop scene and rock scene have been growing in popularity in recent times as well, right.
Iro: Definitely.
Maria: Who is your favorite pop star?
Iro: I like Élena Paparízoy. She is half Greek and half Swedish, and she made her big international break in 2005 when she won the Eurovision Song Contest!
Maria: Well, I’m quite the sucker for male singers so I have to say I am partial to Sákis Royvás. I think he’s pretty cute. I even learned to sing his hit song "Shake It!"
Iro: Shake shake shake it mi amore. Yes, he is an institution! A very popular pop icon.
Maria: Yeah, he’s kind of the top of the top at the moment. He is mainly known for very sexualized images, his elaborate stage shows, and his popularity with the ladies!
Iro: He’s famous for pop, dance, acting, composing...
Maria: Yeah, and he used to be a pole-vaulter!
Iro: But you will see him everywhere.
Maria: Yes, on practically every fashion and music magazine in Greece!
Iro: And on television, and of course, the silver screen. He is a television presenter as well as an actor.
Maria: Yes, and he entered the Eurovision Song contest twice! He got third place in 2004 with "Shake It," but didn’t do so well in 2009 with "This is Our Night."
Iro: Wow, you sure have read up on him.
Maria: Of course! He is one of my main sources to study Greek!
Iro: I guess he isn’t too bad.
Maria: And, he is a presenter on Greek X-Factor! Awesome!
Iro: Yeah, X-Factor has basically become a national pastime.
Maria: Yes, for both the young and old. Even though it only started airing last year!
Maria: Okay, now another big thing that people like to do is, of course, movies.
Iro: Yeah.
Maria: Like many European countries, the top movies on the billboards today are Hollywood movies.
Iro: But, Greek cinema is still dear to the Greeks, and many classics are still shown.
Maria: Greek film production seems to have slowed down in the past years.
Iro: Yeah, films from "the good old days" have yet to be topped by any modern Greek cinema.
Maria: Yeah, I’ve noticed that when talking about films with Greeks, people are most of the time referring to the old classics, or the Golden Age (1950-70s).
Iro: But the industry is not completely dead yet; even though many people are replacing the cinema with a television, people are still making films.
Maria: And as we know, a lot of the films have been very well received abroad as well.
Iro: Yeah, "Zorba the Greek," starring Anthony Quinn, or "Never on a Sunday," with Melína Merkoýri, and so on.
Maria: True. "Zorba the Greek" is what kind of made me inspired to learn Greek.
Iro: I think everyone associates Greece with the theme music from that film.
Maria: A timeless classic! But what about more modern cinema?
Iro: One of the biggest contemporary icons right now must be Vasílis Charalampópoylos!
Maria: He is really popular for his films.
Iro: Yes, he’s both an actor and a writer.
Maria: I think everyone loves this guy because he’s really funny!
Iro: And well…he can act.
Maria: I saw his "Bank Bang" (2008) about those two brothers robbing banks to pay their debt to the Mob! It was Hilarious!
Iro: Yes, that movie was a best seller and topped the rankings for a long time.
Amber: Oooh, yeah. Okay, now what about television.
Iro: Television is taking over for cinema these days, especially American shows.
Maria: Yeah, whenever I turn the TV, "Friends" seems to be on! Oh, and the news.
Iro: There are other types of shows that are really popular too, and have been for a long time.
Maria: Yes, everyone loves the dramas!
Iro: And there are a lot of variety and game shows.
Maria: Oh yeah, many of the big American ones have been adapted, such as "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and "X-Factor!"
Iro: But we have many good television makers still!
Maria: Like who?
Iro: Like Lákis Lazópoylos!
Maria: Who?
Iro: Well, he’s the guy who adapted Disney’s "Hercules" into Greek, and was awarded by Roy E. Disney for it!
Maria: Really! But that’s a movie though.
Iro: Yeah, but what about his live satire show Al Tsantíri News!
Maria: Oh yeah! That show makes fun of everything and everyone!
Iro: Haha, he’s funny.
Maria: I found it a bit tricky to understand though.
Iro: Yeah, I guess Greek television can be very speedy!
Maria: They talk so fast sometimes I think their tongues will pop out of their mouths!
Iro: Haha, yeah.
Maria: So are there any famous Greeks abroad?
Iro: Well, as you know from watching "Friends," every time you switch your television on, Jennifer Aniston.
Maria: Oh yeah! She’s Greek-American isn’t she! And internationally known!
Iro: Yeah, but I personally like an even bigger Greek icon.
Maria: Who?
Iro: Director Theódoros Angelópoylos!
Maria: How could I forget him!?
Iro: He is one of Greece’s most internationally acclaimed names. And he has won many film awards.
Maria: He has been around for a while though hasn’t he.
Iro: Yeah, he started his career in the 70s when he became famous for his first film "Anaparástasi." It won an award at Festival d’ Hyres!
Maria: And he did a huge historical trilogy didn’t he!
Iro: Yes, "Méres tou '36" (1972), "O thíasos" (1975), and "Oi kynigoí" (1977). And his most recent film, "The Dust of Time," starred Willem Dafoe and Bruno Ganz.
Maria: Wow!
Iro: He is considered by many international critics to be one of the world’s greatest living directors.
Maria: That’s big! Now let’s move on to the next topic!
Iro: Sure! One of my favorites, sports!
Maria: So what would you say is the biggest sport in Greece?
Iro: Football (also known as American soccer).
Maria: Football IS huge!
Iro: Yeah. Ever since it became popular in the 1920s, it has played a big role in Greek sports history.
Maria: Especially after winning the World Cup in 2004!
Iro: Yeah, and one of the greatest sport figures in Greece is football player Ntémis Nikolaídis.
Maria: I’ve seen him on television as the president of AEK Athens F.C!
Iro: Yeah, He debuted in 1995 and was the main Greek goal scorer in the 2002 World cup. He has had a great career as Greece’s "born goal scorer."
Maria: He has contributed greatly to the Greek football world.
Iro: Yes, and he is loved for not only his skills as a player but also for his work ethic and enthusiasm.
Maria: Okay, so that wraps up our pop-icon lesson!
Iro: It’s always interesting to see how a country’s pop culture develops, and I’m sure Greece has plenty more to give!
Maria: Until next time, Bye!
Iro: Geia sas!


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Hello Linda,

Thank you for your message.

Of course basketball is also popular in Greece, but without question and althouth I don't like sports ?? I can say that football is in the first position.

In the other categories that were mentioned during the dialogue, as in that of sports, only one example was given.

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This should be updated. Basketball is also popular in Greece with at least 2 superstars playing in America. The Greek film industry is making a comeback; our Greek class has seen three very good films in Chicago this past year.

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Hi Bibiana,

Well, I didn't want to say that and scare you at first or anything, but... yeah they would. Something you should also know is that the nickname for female Sakis Rouvas fans in Greece is ρουβίνες (η ρουβίνα in singular)!:sweat_smile:

You for example are NOT a ρουβίνα!


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I know... they would kill me :D :D :D

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Hahaha! A Sakis Rouvas fan in Greece would say to you:

Γούστα είναι αυτά!


Περί ορέξεως κολοκυθόπιτα. / Περί ορέξεως ουδείς λόγος.

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The only Greek singer I dont like at all is Sakis Rouvas! I usually dont like men who are said to be the absolute favourites of women... (like for example Brad Pitt or Leonardo Di Caprio)... they are too artificially created, and to much in the higlight if you understand what I mean... Sakis Rouvas is the same... I dont find him handsome at all, he has a strange face... and I listened to some of his song as well... and nothing special...