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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! This is Stefania, and welcome to another Top Words video. Today, we will see 10 Foods That Will Kill You Faster.
1. ενεργειακά ποτά (eneryiaká potá) "energy drinks"
Τα ενεργειακά ποτά περιέχουν υπερβολική ζάχαρη. (Ta eneryiaká potá periéhun ipervolikí záhari.) "Energy drinks contain too much sugar."
I don't remember energy drinks being available in Greece when I was a kid, I think this became a trend later on, but overall, I don't think they are very popular in Greece, and that's a good thing.
2. επεξεργασμένο κρέας (epexergasméno kréas) "processed meat"
Τα αλλαντικά είναι επεξεργασμένα κρέατα. (Ta alandiká íne epexergazména kréata.) "Cold cuts are processed meats."
Apart from ham, salami, and mortadella, a popular type of cold cut in Greece is pariza, which is kinda like a bologna. We also have a smaller version of pariza, which we call parizaki, and it comes in a smaller tube like a salami tube.
3. καραμέλα (karaméla) "candy"
Μου αρέσουν οι καραμέλες με γεύση κανέλας. (Mu arésun i karaméles me yéfsi kanélas.) "I like cinnamon flavored candies."
I personally stop eating candy many years ago, but i guess one piece of candy once in a while is not gonna kill you, right?
4. κατεψυγμένα γεύματα (katepsigména yévmata) "frozen meals"
Τα κατεψυγμένα γεύματα περιέχουν συνήθως συντηρητικά. (Ta katepsigména yévmata periéhun siníthos sindiritiká.) "Frozen meals usually contain preservatives."
Yeah, it's better to stay away from those and just cook your food with fresh ingredients you can actually pronounce.
5. μαργαρίνη (margaríni) "margarine"
Προτιμώ να τρώω βούτυρο παρά μαργαρίνη. (Protimó na tróo vútiro pará margaríni.) "I prefer to eat butter than margarine."
There's a lot of controversy about margarine and butter. They say butter is bad because of saturated fats, but margarine is also bad because it's a highly processed product. So if you are not sure which one to consume, margarine or butter, you can always go safe with team extra virgin olive oil! I like to eat a slice of bread with olive oil sprinkle on top, and garlic powder and oregano. So good!
6. πατατάκια (patatákia) "potato chips"
Κανείς δεν μπορεί να φάει μόνο ένα πατατάκι! (Kanís den borí na fái móno éna patatáki!) "No one can eat only one potato chip!"
I think this is absolutely true. If you eat potato chips, I challenge you to eat only one potato chip! Only one!
I'm sure you can't, no one can, you must be a special superpower human to eat only one potato chip.
7. ποπ κορν για φούρνο μικροκυμάτων (pop korn ya fúrno mikrokimáton) "microwave popcorn"
Δεν είναι εύκολο να βρω ποπ κορν για φούρνο μικροκυμάτων εδώ. (Den íne éfkolo na vro pop korn ya fúrno mikrokimáton edó.) "It's not easy to find microwave popcorn here."
You know, in some countries, it really isn't that easy. When I lived in Japan I just couldn't find those bags that you put in the microwave and they expand as the corn pops. You can find it but it was like really special stores that are not easily available, like, they're not around the corner. If you have those in your country, just take a look at the ingredients, it's not the corn that will kill you, but all the artificial stuff that they put inside. It's so much better and it's so easy, as well, to just buy the corn kernels, put them in a pot, turn on the heat, and wait just a few minutes. I do that on movie nights at home and guess what's the magic ingredient? No, Yes. Did you say butter? Of course not! Team olive oil! Hello?!
8. αναψυκτικό (sóda) "soda"
Μου αρέσουν τα μη ανθρακούχα αναψυκτικά. (Mu arésun ta mi anthrakúha anapsiktiká.) "I like non-carbonated sodas."
And I don't like any sodas at all. Bleh. Or as I would say in Greek...
It's just so sweet and bubbly in your mouth.
9. χάμπουργκερ (hámburger) "hamburger"
Αυτό είναι το πιο μεγάλο χάμπουργκερ που έχω δει! (Aftó íne to pio megálo hámburger pu ého di!) "This is the biggest hamburger I've ever seen!"
Don't you feel like restaurants keep making larger and larger hamburgers? I've been to places where the hamburgers they serve are so big that when you hold the hamburger in front of you, you can't take a bite and make the edge of the hamburger fit inside your mouth, from top to bottom. And then you try to make that huge hamburger fit inside your mouth, and like, juice is coming out, and things come out, as if they're alive, trying to escape from inescapable death.
Just like, how am I supposed to eat this?
10. ντόνατ (dónat) "doughnut"
Τα ντόνατ δεν είναι ένα δημοφιλές σνακ στην Ελλάδα. (Ta dónat den íne éna dimofilés snak stin Eláda.) "Doughnuts are not a popular snack in Greece."
Well, as supposed to hamburger, doughnuts still maintain a reasonable size for comfortable and grateful bites, but it's true, in Greece, it's not popular. Although, there is a Greek version of doughnut, which is called loukoumades. But it's much larger, around this big, this thick. It's basically fried dough in a ring shape, covered in white sugar. It's not something you will easily find in bakeries, it's more like street food, you would see street vendors with a little car outside of train station or metro station, or in busy area, like a busy square.
Well, these were the 10 Foods That Will Kill You Faster.
If you want to live a long and healthy life, well, you know what to do. Γεια χαρά! (Ya hará!)


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Τι κάνεις;

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Λουκουμάδες is quite heavy for me. I mean not only is it loaded with sugars, but it's also deep-fried😅. I rarely have them, to be honest!


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Γεια σου!

I have ordered λουκουμάδες before just to try them and learn what they are - they were small honey ball puffs. They tasted delicious, of course, but I don't feel the need to eat more and get killed faster. Οχι Team ντόνατ 😠(... και Οχι Team μεγάλο χάμπουργκερ)


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