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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, Stefania here!
Do you have any language learning goals for this year? I hope you do if you really want to learn Greek, but if you don’t, this video is here for you!
So let’s see - What are Your Top 10 Language Learning Goals for the Year?
1. Θα ολοκληρώσω τη σειρά Survival Phrases στο GreekPod101.com με το να ακούω δύο μαθήματα την ημέρα.
(Tha olokliróso ti sirá 'Survival Phrases' sto 'GreekPod101.com' me to na akúo dío mathímata tin iméra.)
"I'll finish the Survival Phrases series on GreekPod101.com by listening to two lesson a day."
Actually, 2 lessons a day is pretty good. You’ll learn lots of useful phrases in a very short time.
2. Θα τελειώσω το διάβασμα ενός ελληνικού βιβλίου διαβάζοντας δέκα σελίδες την ημέρα.
(Tha telióso to diávasma enós elinikú vivlíu diavázondas déka selídes tin iméra.)
"I'll finish reading one Greek book by reading 10 pages a day."
Not 1, not 2, but 10 pages a day! If you can do that, I’ll salute you!
3. Θα περάσω το τεστ ελληνικών μου. (Tha peráso to test elinikón mu.)
"I'll pass my Greek test."
Talking about Greek tests, if you are interested in obtaining an official certificate to prove your Greek knowledge to yourself or to the world, you should aim for the so-called "Certificate of Attainment in Greek” which is issued only by the "Center for the Greek Language in Thessaloniki, Greece”. This certificate is established by the Greek Ministry of Education so it’s as official as it gets! Anything else is not officially recognized in Greece. If you are outside of Greece and want to do the examination, you should ask your local Greek embassy to see if they have information on local examination centers.
4. Θα κάνω μια τρίλεπτη ομιλία παρουσίασης στα ελληνικά για τους Έλληνες φίλους μου.
(Tha káno mia trílepti omilía parusíasis sta eliniká ya tus Élines fílus mu.)
"I'll give a 3 minute introductory speech in Greek to my Greek friends."
Hmmm… 3 minutes might sound like not too much time, but if you think about it, you have to say a lot of things about yourself all the time!
5. Θα αποστηθίσω πέντε ελληνικά τραγούδια.
(Tha apostithíso pénde eliniká tragúdia.)
"I'll memorize 5 Greek songs."
That’s only if Greek music is a thing for you. The most popular Greek music genres are λαϊκό, έντεχνο and ρεμπέτικο.
6. Θα αποστηθίσω 350 λέξεις με τα Flashcards στο GreekPod101.com.
(Tha apostithíso triakósies penínda léxis me ta 'Flashcards' sto 'GreekPod101.com'.)
"I'll finish memorizing 350 words with Flashcards on GreekPod101.com."
350 words!
You know what? Why not make it 365, one word for each day of the year! Uh?
7. Θα γράψω στα ελληνικά δέκα καρτ ποστάλ για τους Έλληνες φίλους μου.
(Tha grápso sta eliniká déka kart postál ya tus Élines fílus mu.)
"I'll write 10 postcards in Greek to my Greek friends."
If you don’t have that many Greek friends, this goal is a good change to start making some! In Greece we say “παντού υπάρχει ένας ‘Ελληνας” and “όποια πέτρα κι αν σηκώσεις, έναν Έλληνα θα βρεις από κάτω”. It means that wherever you go and whichever stone you’ll lift, you’ll always find a Greek. And from my experience it is true. There are Greeks even in the most faraway countries you can imagine!
8. Θα μάθω να μιλάω για παρελθοντικά, παροντικά και μελλοντικά γεγονότα.
(Tha mátho na miláo ya parelthondiká, parondiká ke melondiká yegonóta.)
"I'll learn how to talk about past, present and future events."
Like who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going?
Very philosophical… moving on!
9. Θα μάθω πολύ καλά 150 λέξεις με το να αποστηθίζω πέντε λέξεις την ημέρα.
I'll master 150 words by memorizing 5 words a day.
So basically 150 words in a month. Just make sure to learn not just nouns, but other useful words too, like verbs, adjectives and pronouns so you can create complete sentences.You don’t want to sound like “Me Tarzan, you Jane”. You want to be more like, “Hello, I’m Tarzan.” “Hello I’m Jane." Nice to meet you Jane. Care to jump on my back and go for a crazy ride around the jungle?"
10. Θα δώσω εξετάσεις για την πιστοποίηση ελληνομάθειας.
(Tha dóso exetásis ya tin pistopíisi elinomáthias.)
"I will take examinations for the state certificate of attainment in modern Greek."
If this is your goal, I really hope you’ll pass that examination. It’s a great achievement and I’m sure you can do it! Just gotta focus on your goal and keep studying hard!
And this is the end for this video! What are your language goals for this year?
Γεια χαρά! (Ya hará!)