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Lesson Transcript

Ah it’s getting hot. It’s getting really hot. It’s really, really hot. What is the next Gift Ideas You Must Know in Greek? Yes, gift. Laptop, mobile, camera, microphone and this and that. The cable is still there. It’s really annoying. I have told them three times to change it to put it under the ground. Inshallah with god’s will. Okay.
Hello everyone and welcome to another video of greekpod101.com, today we will talk about gift ideas you must know in Greek and you have to learn in Greek if you want to have –to have what? What…? To have good friends around you. And happy friends.
1. φορητός υπολογιστής (foritós ipoloyistís) "laptop"
Gift idea number one, φορητός υπολογιστής (foritós ipoloyistís)
A laptop is always a good idea for gift. A Dell XPS 15 Inches is perfect. i7 Quad-Core 8gb RAM SSD hard disk. Magnifique!
Δεν ταξιδεύω ποτέ χωρίς τον φορητό μου υπολογιστή. (Den taxidévo poté horís ton foritó mu ipoloyistí.) "I never travel without my laptop."
Me neither. Me neither. I cannot survive without my laptop kit.
2. βιβλίο (vivlío) "book"
Ποιο είναι το καλύτερο βιβλίο που έχεις διαβάσει ποτέ; (Pio íne to kalítero vivlío pu éhis diavási poté?) "What's the best book you've ever read?"
It’s always the best idea to give a book for a gift. It’s a best idea. Trust me, if you care about someone, make a book for a gift. Make a gift. I have lost my words. It’s because I am getting hot now. Make. As a gift, make a book. Make a book as a gift.
3. παγκόσμιος χάρτης (pangósmios hártis) "world map"
Στην τάξη μέσα υπάρχει ένας παγκόσμιος χάρτης δίπλα από τον πίνακα. (Stin táxi mésa ipárhi énas pangózmios hártis dípla apó ton pínaka.) "In the classroom, there is a world map next to the blackboard."
Yeah, there is always in every classroom a world map. I remember since I was this height.
4. φωτογραφική μηχανή (fotografikí mihaní) "camera"
Μαζεύει λεφτά, για να αγοράσει μια επαγγελματική φωτογραφική μηχανή. (Mazévi leftá, ya na agorási mia epangelmatikí fotografikí mihaní.) "He is saving money to buy a professional photo camera."
5. «έξυπνο» τηλέφωνο ("éxipno" tiléfono) "smartphone"
“Mobile” Κινητό (kinitó), it’s the same thing.
Η έρευνα δείχνει πώς τα «έξυπνα» τηλέφωνα αποσπούν την προσοχή μας κατά την οδήγηση. (I érevna díhni pós ta "éxipna" tiléfona apospún tin prosohí mas katá tin odíyisi.) "The research shows that smartphones distract us while driving."
And this is true. So don’t use smartphones when you’re driving.
Κινητό (kinitó) is the common word that we use for mobiles and smartphone. So Κινητό (kinitó) is better.
6. κονσόλα παιχνιδιών (konsóla pehnidión) "game console"
Λέω να πουλήσω όλες τις παλιές κονσόλες παιχνιδιών που έχω. (Léo na pulíso óles tis paliés konsóles pehnidión pu ého.) "I'm thinking of selling all the old game consoles that I have."
I am thinking also to do this, really. I have Nintendo, super Nintendo, mega drive PlayStation 1. This is for Matilda, you know.
7. λεξικό (lexikó) "dictionary"
Μπορείτε να μου προτείνετε ένα καλό ετυμολογικό λεξικό; (Boríte na mu protínete éna kaló etimoloyikó lexikó?) "Could you suggest me a good etymological dictionary?"
You see a lot of words in Latin are Greeks. Etymological. So you have to learn Greek.
8. πτήση για Ελλάδα (ptísi ya Eláda) “A flight to Greece”
This is the first thing that you need to come here to meet me in person and to teach you Greek in person, you need πτήση (ptísi) to Greece.
Πότε είναι η πτήση σου για Ελλάδα; (Póte íne i ptísi su ya Eláda?) "When is your flight to Greece?"
Let me know on the comments below.
9. θεραπεία σε σπα (therapía se spa) "spa treatment"
This is my favorite. θεραπεία σε σπα (therapía se spa) "spa treatment"
Μου χάρισε ένα κουπόνι για μια δωρεάν θεραπεία σε σπα. (Mu hárise éna kupóni ya mia doreán therapía se spa.) "He gave me a coupon for a free spa treatment." I really love these kind of gifts. You have to put this on the gift section. It’s amazing.
10. κόσμημα (kózmima) "jewellery"
Στις γυναίκες συνήθως αρέσουν τα κοσμήματα. (Stis yinékes siníthos arésun ta kozmímata.) "Women usually like jewellery." So for the women, you know what to give.
And that’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed the video. Take care. Bye.
What’s going on with my English?


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Which gift do you like the most?

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Hi Yılmaz,

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Εγω μενω εδω, στην Ελλαδα αλλα δεν μπορω να μιλησω καλα. Αλλα eμαθα πολλά μαζί σου, ευχαριστω παρα πολυ,teacher!:)