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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone, and should I change the shirt? I still look the same in all the classrooms. No, I keep it only for this. I take it off and I put it then again. Welcome to another video of greekpod101.com and today, we will talk about must know autumn vocabulary. You must know this kind of vocabulary for the autumn. Okay.
1. πουλόβερ (pulóver) "sweater"
The most important. πουλόβερ (pulóver).
Not pull over, πουλόβερ (pulóver) "sweater"
Το πουλόβερ αυτό είναι 100% μάλλινο. (To pulóver aftó íne ekató tis ekató málino.) Oh yes, this I have to repeat. (To pulóver aftó íne ekató tis ekató málino.) "This sweater is 100% woollen."
2. βροχερός (vroherós) "rainy"
Λατρεύω τον βροχερό καιρό. (Latrévo ton vroheró keró.) "I love rainy weather." I love it. No I don’t. I love sunny weather like that, like today. Spring, this is what I love.
3. ανεμώδης (anemódis) "windy"
Ο καιρός σήμερα είναι ιδιαίτερα ανεμώδης. (O kerós símera íne idiétera anemódis.) "The weather today is quite windy."
4. δροσερός (droserós) "cool"
Cool, man.
Τα πρωινά στο χωριό είναι πολύ δροσερά. (Ta proiná sto horió íne polí droserá.) "The mornings in the village are very cool." Cool, we are very cool, you know. Indeed, we are really cool. If you are going to the village and there is mountains around and it’s in the forest, you have to have a lot of sweaters, a lot of pullovers and a lot of blankets in the house to survive. Ah, I have passed from all of this.
5. φθινόπωρο (fthinóporo) "autumn"
Τα χρώματα του φθινοπώρου μου προκαλούν μια μελαγχολία. (Ta hrómata tu fthinopóru mu prokalún mia melanholía.) "The colors of autumn make me feel melancholic."
6. κρύωμα (kríoma) "cold" “Flu”
This you will have it all the time during the autumn season because it is the sense of that weather that makes you not to know how to get dressed. So you are sweating and then you are getting cold and then you’re getting sweat again. So you get the flu anyway. So be careful during the autumn if you are in Greece, be careful how you – what you are wearing.
7. κάστανο (kástano) "chestnut"
I love κάστανα (kástana).
κάστανο (kástano) is one piece, κάστανα (kástana) is the chestnuts (plural).
Αγαπώ τα κάστανα (Agapó ta kástana) “I love chestnuts”
Magnifique! And if you put a little of coconut oil!!! I I will make it now. I don’t care. Spring, summer, I will make it now. I am going later to make.
8. μακρυμάνικο πουκάμισο (makrimániko pukámiso) "long-sleeved shirt"
What is this? “Long-sleeved shirt” “This is a long-sleeved shirt.” Exactly.
Φόρα μακρυμάνικο πουκάμισο σήμερα· κάνει ψύχρα το βράδυ. (Fóra makrimániko pukámiso símera: káni psíhra to vrádi.)
“Wear a long-sleeved shirt today, it’s chilly at night.”
Be careful about this because during the night, it’s always chilly in autumn season. So, don’t say now that it’s sunny. Okay, don’t get affected from this. Usually it’s a little cloudy, a little rainy, a little windy. So be aware.
9. φύλλα που πέφτουν (fíla pu péftun) "falling leaves"
Το παιδί καθόταν κάτω από το δέντρο παρακολουθώντας τα φύλλα που έπεφταν. (To pedí kathótan káto apó to déndro parakoluthóndas ta fíla pu épeftan.) This is in past tense. "The kid was sitting under the tree watching the falling leaves." Very melancholic.
10. Ημέρα των Ευχαριστιών (Iméra ton Efharistión) "Thanksgiving"
Σήμερα είναι η Ημέρα των Ευχαριστιών στην Αμερική. (Símera íne i Iméra ton Efharistión stin Amerikí.) "Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States." In the US, to make it more cool.
Thank you for watching and see you soon with more videos. Take care. Bye.


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