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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, I'm Stefania and in this video, we'll see the top 10 compliments you always want to hear! Let's admit it. Even if you don't like people making compliments to you, it's nice to feel recognized and appreciated. So let's see the top 10 compliments you always want to hear!
1 Είσαι όμορφος. (Íse ómorfos.) "You're handsome."
That's if you are speaking to a male. If you are speaking to a female, you can say Είσαι όμορφη. (Íse ómorfi.)
However, be careful when using this. Depending on your voice tone, the situation and the person you are referring to, you could come out as inappropriate.
2 Είσαι έξυπνος! (Íse éxipnos!) "You're smart!"
This is for a man. For a woman, it would be Είσαι έξυπνη. (Íse éxipni.)
3 Είσαι ένας καταπληκτικός φίλος. (Íse énas katapliktikós fílos.) "You are an awesome friend."
I'm not sure if this is something common to say. Maybe the term αληθινός φίλος (alithinós fílos), or αληθινή φίλη (alithiní fíli) in feminine, meaning "true friend" is more common.
4 Το μέσα σου είναι πιο όμορφο από το έξω σου. (To mésa su íne pio ómorfo apó to éxo su.) "Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside."
5 Το βιογραφικό σας είναι εντυπωσιακό. (To viografikó sas íne endiposiakó.) "Your resume is impressive."
Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ! (Sas efharistó polí.)
6 Καλή δουλειά! (Kalí duliá!) "Great job!"
To me, this sounds more natural to say when referring to the result of someone's work rather than saying this straight to the person who did that. For example, if a carpenter made a beautiful custom piece of furniture, I would look at the furniture and say - Καλή δουλειά (Kalí duliá), rather than look at the carpenter and say that to him.
7 Αυτό το σακάκι φαίνεται ωραίο επάνω σου. (Aftó to sakáki fénete oréo epáno su.) "That jacket looks nice on you."
You can replace σακάκι (sakáki) for other words such as πουκάμισο (pukámiso), "shirt".
Αυτό το πουκάμισο φαίνεται ωραίο επάνω σου. (Aftó to pukámiso fénete oréo epáno su.)
"This shirt looks nice on you."
or Αυτό το φόρεμα φαίνεται ωραίο επάνω σου. (Aftó to fórema fénete oréo epáno su.)
"This dress looks nice on you."
8 Έχεις καλό γούστο. (Éhis kaló gústo.) "You have good taste."
You can say this to refer to many things such as good taste for fashion, decoration, and any fine or delicate things in general.
9 Δείχνεις υπέροχος! (Díhnis ipérohos!) "You look gorgeous."
If you want to say this to a woman, then say Δείχνεις υπέροχη! (Díhnis ipérohi!)
I'm sure any person would appreciate this comment!
10 Λατρεύω τη μαγειρική σου. (Latrévo ti mayirikí su.) "I love your cooking."
If you have a Greek family or Greek close friends that cook delicious food for you, you can definitely say this next time they cook for you.
And these were the Top 10 Compliments You Always Want to Hear. What kind of compliments do you like to hear?
I'll see you next time! Γεια χαρά! (Ya hará!)

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