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Lesson Transcript

Hey everyone, it's Stefania again and in this video we'll see 10 Ways to Remember Words.
I know many of you have trouble retaining Greek vocabulary, so I hope these tips coming from the GreekPod101.com team will help!
1. μέσω της επανάληψης (méso tis epanálipsis) "through repetition"
Η κόρη μου μαθαίνει καλύτερα μέσω της επανάληψης.
(I kóri mu mathéni kalítera méso tis epanálipsis.)
"My daughter learns better through repetition."
Unless you have a photographic memory of whatever you see or read, you're gonna have to make repetition your best friend while learning Greek.
2. βλέπω τηλεοπτικές σειρές με υπότιτλους (vlépo tileoptikés sirés me ipótitlus)
"to watch TV series with subtitles"
Προσπαθώ να βλέπω τηλεοπτικές σειρές με υπότιτλους, για να τις καταλαβαίνω και να τις ευχαριστιέμαι περισσότερο.
(Prospathó na vlépo tileoptikés sirés me ipótitlus, ya na tis katalavéno ke na tis efharistiéme perisótero.)
"I try to watch TV series with subtitles in order to understand them and to enjoy them more."
Do you watch any Greek series? Let me know which ones in the comments below!
3. κάνω πρακτική γράφοντας (káno praktikí gráfondas) "to practice by writing"
Κάνω πρακτική γράφοντας τις άγνωστες λέξεις σ' ένα τετράδιο.
(Káno praktikí gráfondas tis ágnostes léxis s' éna tetrádio.)
"I practice by writing unknown words in a notebook."
This is something that actually helps me a lot when learning a new language. I always keep a notebook where I write down words and phrases. It definitely helps me remember them better. This is very important, especially now in the digital era where you learn simply by looking a device or just listening to audio. People forget to take notes and keeping notes has shown that helps with retention of information.
4. διαβάζω δυνατά (diavázo dinatá) "to read out loud"
Διαβάζω δυνατά τον διάλογο του κάθε μαθήματος.
(Diavázo dinatá ton diálogo tu káthe mathímatos.)
"I read out loud each lesson's dialogue."
I think this is a good exercise. As you hear yourself reading, you should always tell yourself to try to read better next time, making less mistakes and having a better articulation. When you hear yourself you can hear how different it is from the speech of a native speaker and you self-tune.
5. επινοώ ιστορίες (epinoó istoríes) "to make up stories"
Μου αρέσει να επινοώ αστείες παιδικές ιστορίες.
(Mu arési na epinoó astíes pedikés istoríes.)
"I like to make up funny children's stories."
Even if you don't have a wild imagination, I think anyone can make up a story. The process itself of making up a story in a different language is a great exercise and helps you remember or even recall words you haven't used for a while and would otherwise forget. It's like making your brain do a Google search inside of it. So making up stories helps you remember words! And if you can't remember some words or if you don't know the specific words you need for your story, you will most likely end up looking them up in a dictionary.
6. δημιουργώ συσχετισμούς μεταξύ των λέξεων (dimiurgó sischetismús metaxí ton léxeon)
"to create associations between words"
Όταν μάθαινα γερμανικά, δημιουργούσα συσχετισμούς μεταξύ των λέξεων.
(Ótan máthena yermaniká, dimiurgúsa sischetismús metaxí ton léxeon.)
"When I was learning German, I was creating associations between words."
Many people remember things by making associations. For example, some try to find words that sound similar in their language.
7. απομνημονεύω ακούγοντας (apomnimonévo akúgondas) "to memorize by listening"
Απομνημονεύω καλύτερα ακούγοντας τις λέξεις παρά βλέποντάς τες.
(Apomnimonévo kalítera akúgondas tis léxis pará vlépondás tes.)
"I memorize better by listening to the words rather than seeing them."
Do you have good auditory memory or are you a visual learner?
8. διαβάζω απλά κείμενα (diavázo aplá kímena) "to read simple texts"
Διαβάζω απλά κείμενα, για να τα καταλαβαίνω.
(Diavázo aplá kímena, ya na ta katalavéno.)
"I read simple texts in order to understand them."
That gives you a sense of satisfaction, right? When you read a simple text that you happen to understand. You're like, hey it's not all Greek to me afterall! Hm... can you say "it's all Greek to me" when you are actually studying Greek?
9. ακούω τραγούδια με τους στίχους (akúo tragúdia me tus stíhus) "to listen to songs with lyrics"
Ακούω τραγούδια με τους στίχους τους, για να μπορώ να τα τραγουδάω.
(Akúo tragúdia me tus stíhus tus, ya na boró na ta tragudáo.)
"I listen to songs with their lyrics so I can sing them."
Do Greek songs appeal to you? Do you have any favorite Greek songs that you like to sing or that you listen to often? Let me know!
10. επαναλαμβάνω πριν πάω για ύπνο (epanalamváno prin páo ya ípno)
"to repeat before going to sleep"
Επαναλαμβάνω τις νέες λέξεις που μαθαίνω πριν πάω για ύπνο.
(Epanalamváno tis nées léxis pu mathéno prin páo ya ípno.)
"I repeat the new words that I learn before going to sleep."
I'm not sure if that method would work for me since I'm always extremely tired and I pass out as soon as my head touches the pillow, but I guess you can try this one out!
So what did you think about these 10 ways to remember words? Can you think of different tricks or methods that help you? Please share your experience with us by leaving a comment and if you want to keep learning Greek, follow our channel or visit GreekPod101.com for more lessons.


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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Which word or phrase do you like the most?

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Tuesday at 10:30 AM
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Hi Raimondo!

That's so cool! And "Sto Para Pente" as well! It's my old-time favorite Greek TV show!

Enjoy! And you will learn more than you think of!


Team GreekPod101.com

Monday at 11:41 PM
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Ακούω τραγούδια με τους στίχους τους, για να μπορώ να τα τραγουδάω.

I listen to loads of Greeks music, it's one of the reasons I started learning Greek by myself.

I learned Τάμτα's Κοίτα με lyrics by heart when I didn't even knew what the words meant. 😁

I'll try to watch Sto para pende on Youtube, although I guess it's gonna be way to hard to understand, since I am just e beginner.

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Wednesday at 05:41 AM
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Hi Elisabeth,

Oh, that's one of my favorite Greek series of all time! It's hilarious and it was one of the most watched series in Greece.

I'm glad you're practising Greek that way :) Enjoy!


Team GreekPod101.com

Tuesday at 10:30 PM
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I watch Sto para pende without subtitles (youtube). I don’t understand much of the dialogue, but I still think I get most of it because of the situation, facial expressions, tone of voice etc. It’s another way of learning than Greekpod101! 😀

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Tuesday at 08:51 AM
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Hi Alan,

I can only recommend Netflix. But since you are in the UK, you would need to find a way to change your IP address so it looks like you are navigating from Greece in order for you to have access to more Greek content and subtitles. Using tools such as NordVPN is a good way to mask your IP but of course, that is against the terms and conditions of Netflix.

Otherwise, YouTube might have some options but it's always a hassle to search for that type of content and to make sure it's complete in the case of a series.

Kind regards,


Team GreekPod101.com

Saturday at 10:58 PM
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βλέπω τηλεοπτικές σειρές με υπότιτλους

a good idea but in Uk it is difficult to find this. Any suggestions how to access such material (that is, with English subtitles) welcome.