GreekPod101 Must-Know Greek Sentence Structures Curriculum 

Lesson Description Greek Pattern English Pattern Grammar point 1 Grammar point 2 Grammar point 3
1 Talking about your profession (Εγώ) είμαι… I am a… Strong form personal pronouns in the nominative Auxiliary verb "to be" (είμαι, íme) Profession nouns & articles
2 Describing someone's emotions or feelings (Εσύ) είσαι… You are… Adjective group:
-ος, -η, -ο (-os, -i, -o) ending adjectives
-μένος, -μένη, -μένο (-ménos, -méni, -méno) participles Subject predicate
3 Describing something using an adjective or a declinable participle Αυτός/-ή/-ό_ είναι… That_ is… Demonstrative pronouns Noun phrase
4 Comparing two similar things τόσο… όσο… as… as… Adverbs: Introduction & the Adverbs τόσο (tóso, "as, that much") and όσο (óso, "as, as much as") Noun groups:
parisyllabic masculine -ας (-as)
Adjective groups:
-ος, -α, -ο (-os, -a, -o)
-ος, -ια, -ο (-os, -ia, -o) ending adjectives
5 Expressing what you want (Εγώ) θέλω… I want… 1st conjugation verb "to want" (θέλω, thélo) - Present tense (active voice) Transitive verbs (active voice) Object
6 Talking about belongings (Εσύ) έχεις… You have… Auxiliary verb "to have" (έχω, ého) Numerals: Cardinal Numbers
7 Asking about location or position Πού…; Where…? Interrogative adverb πού (pu, "where") 1st conjugation verb "to be located" (βρίσκομαι, vrískome) and introduction to the passive voice Noun group:
Parisyllabic feminine -α (-a) ending nouns
8 Giving the location of something Ο/η/το… είναι… The… is… Prepositions: Introduction & the preposition σε (se, "in/on/at/to/…") Common locative adverbs Locative adverbs used with the preposition σε (se, "in/on/at/to/…")
9 Stating that something exists in a location Υπάρχει/Υπάρχουν… There is… The preposition από (apó, "from/since/by/of/…") Locative adverbs used with the preposition από (apó, "from/since/by/of/…") Noun group:
Parisyllabic neuter -ι (-i) ending nouns
10 Asking for information about something Τι…; What…? Interrogative pronoun τι (ti, "what") The preposition για (ya, "for/in order/to/about/…") Word order in Greek
11 Letting others know what someone is doing (Εγώ)… I am… 2nd conjugation verbs - Present tense (active voice) The preposition με (me, "with") Noun group:
Parisyllabic feminine -η (-i) ending nouns with an -ες (-es) ending in the plural
12 Asking about someone or something Ποιος/Ποια/Ποιο…; Who…? Interrogative pronouns ποιος, ποια, ποιο (pios, pia, pio, "who/which (one)/what") Noun groups:
Parisyllabic masculine -ος (-os) ending nouns
Noun groups:
Parisyllabic masculine -ης (-is) ending nouns
13 Asking about a choice Ποιον/Ποια(ν)/Ποιο…; Which…? Noun group:
Parisyllabic neuter -ο (-o) ending nouns
Noun group:
Parisyllabic neuter -ος (-os) ending nouns
Noun group:
Archaic parisyllabic feminine -ος (-os) ending nouns
14 Asking about ownership
Ποιανού/Ποιανής/Ποιανού είναι…;
Whose…? The vocative case The predicate of a subject in genitive Adjective group:
-ής, -ιά, and -ί (-ís, -iá, -í) ending adjectives
15 Discussing one's habits (Εγώ)… κάθε… I… every… Indefinite pronouns καθένας (kathénas,) καθεμιά/καθεμία (kathemiá/kathemía,) καθένα (kathéna,) and κάθε (káthe) - "every (single) one," "each," and "every" Past progressive tense (active voice) Verb augmentation
16 Discussing likes (Εμένα) μου αρέσει/-ουν… I like… Personal pronouns (strong & weak forms) and possessive pronouns (weak forms) Verb "to like" (αρέσω, aréso) Adverb πολύ (polí), "very/very much/a lot"
17 Talking about something in the past (Εγώ) πήγα… I went… Introduction to the active voice aorist stem and aorist endings Formation of the active voice aorist tense Conjugation of active voice verbs in the aorist tense
18 Asking about time Πότε…; When…? Interrogative adverb πότε (póte, "when") Common temporal adverbs Simple future tense (active voice)
19 Expressing your ability to do something (Εγώ) μπορώ να… I can… Adverbs ending in -α (-a) Introduction to the subjunctive mood Progressive subjunctive
20 Expressing that you want to do something (Εγώ) θέλω να… I want to… Μomentary subjunctive Reflexive pronouns
21 Requesting someone to refrain from doing something Μη(ν)… Don't… Imperative Politeness
22 Seeking confirmation about a statement …σωστά; …right? Tag questions Present perfect, past perfect, and future perfect tense
23 Asking for a reason Γιατί…; Why…? The word γιατί (yatí, "why/because") Conjunctions, ordinate, and subordinate clauses 2nd conjugation verb "to be for sale" (πουλιέμαι, puliéme) - Passive voice, present stem forms
24 Explaining the cause or reason for an action or condition … επειδή… … because… Degrees of adjectives
25 Explaining a conclusion or the result of an action … οπότε… … so… The inferential conjunction οπότε (opóte, "so") 2nd conjugation verbs "to look after/to take care of" (περιποιούμαι, peripiúme,) and "to sleep" (κοιμάμαι, kimáme) - Passive voice, present stem forms Degrees of adverbs