GreekPod101 All About Curriculum 

In this set of 15 lessons, you will learn all about the society and culture of Greece. These lessons are entirely in English and are for those who want to learn more about the Greek language and in-depth information about the country where it is spoken.

Lesson Title/Topic Function Summary
#1 Introduction to Greek and Top 5 Reasons to Study Talking about Greece and the Greek language Background of the Greek Language, About Greece, Where Is Greek Spoken? Greek Writing
#2 Learn the Greek Writing System Understanding the Greek Writing System The Greek writing system and alphabet
#3 Learn Greek Grammar Understanding the characteristics of Greek Grammar Basic Greek Grammar, Gender, Articles, Plurals of Nouns, The Plural Definite Article, Pronouns, Conjugation, Unique Aspect of Language, Adjectives
#4 Learn Greek Pronunciation Understanding the characteristics of Greek Pronunciation Greek Uses Indo-European Phonetics, Greek Vowels and Consonants, Consonant Groups, Greek's Omission of Common Sounds from Other Languages
#5 Top 5 Must-Know Greek Phrases Using the top 5 must-know phrases in Greek #1 Must-Know Phrase: "Hello" and "Good-bye"
#2 Must-Know Phrase: "Thank You"
#3 Must-Know Phrase: "Please" and "You're Welcome"
#4 Must-Know Phrase: "I Don't Understand."
#5 Must-Know Phrase: "Sorry or Excuse Me."

#6 Think You Can Answer These 5 Questions About Greece? Testing yourself on Greece 5 quiz questions testing your knowledge on Greece
#7 Top 5 Greek Dishes You Have to Try and Top 5 Dishes for the Really Brave! Talking about famous Greek dishes Greek cuisine: typical dishes, regional dishes, seasonal dishes, table etiquette
#8 Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Greek Society Talking about daily life and society in Greece Life in Greece: Major Cities and How they Work, Family Life, Work, Culture, and Economy, Politics, Generational Trends
#9 Top 5 Important Dates in Greece Talking about important holidays Important Greek Holidays: the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Óchi Day, Independence Day, Christmas Eve, Páscha
#10 Top 5 Pop Culture Things/Icons You Need to Know about Greece Talking about Greek pop culture Pop Culture in Greece: Music, Movies, Television, Celebrities, Sports Figures
#11 Top 5 Tools for Learning Greek Using the top 5 tools to help you learn Greek Top 5 Useful Tools for Learning Greek:
1. A Greek Dictionary
2. Online Dictionaries
3. Greek Grammar Dictionary
4. Flashcards
5. Audio and Visual
#12 Top 5 Classroom Phrases in Greek Using useful Greek phrases in the classroom 5 Common Errors That Learners of Greek Make:
Common Error #1: Mixing up Singular and Plural
Common Error #2: Conjugation of Verbs, Mixing Up Tense, and Mixing Up Gender
Common Error #3: Digraphs
Common Error #4: Diphthongs
Common Error #5: Incorrect pronunciation
#13 Top 5 Phrases Your Teacher Will Never Teach You Using Greek phrases you won't learn in the classroom Top 5 Phrases Your Teacher Will Never Teach You:
1. Υπέροχο
2. Κοιμάσαι όρθιος
3. Ας το πάρει το ποτάμι.
4. Μπορείς να το κόψείς λίγο;
5. Τρομερό
#14 Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Common Mistakes in Greek Avoiding the top 5 mistakes when learning Greek 5 Useful Phrases for the Classroom in Greek:
1. Μπορείς να το επαναλάβεις
2. Πώς λέμε…στα Ελληνικά
3. Μπορώ να ρωτήσω…
4. Δεν καταλαβαίνω.
5. Μπορείτε να το επαναλάβετε πιο αργά.
#15 The Best Greek Phrases: Learn Your Greek Teacher's Favorite Phrases Using the hosts' favorite Greek phrases GreekPod101's Favorite Pet Phrases in Greek:
1: Μπορώ να σας ενοχλήσω λίγο.
2: Δεν πειράζει.
3: Πού είναι η τουαλέτα
4: Πάμε!
5: Σοβαρά