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Newest Lessons

Learn with Video #21 - Did You Know Learning Greek is Considered a Sport…Sometimes?

Learn with Video
Learn Greek with GreekPod101.com! Now you have friends in Greece…so what are you going to do with them? You are anxious to see some of the city before you have to start school at the Greek university, and definitely before you have to start working! So you call them up on the phone and ask if they want to spend the day showing you around town. They are excited to do something fun and you all decide to meet at the park around the corner. When you arrive, your friends ask in Greek, "Do you like to play any sports? We could play around at the park for a while…or maybe head to the gym." You played a lot of sports back home, but as much as you have studied Greek, you didn't learn how to talk about sports. You attempt to imitate a soccer player kicking a ball, but it takes several minutes before your friends catch on and teach you the Greek word for soccer. But now they know the game you are playing – charades! The next one you try to act out is a tennis player hitting a ball. And you thought soccer took a long time to guess?! By the time you get through acting out soccer, tennis, golf, and basketball – and they teach you the Greek words for these sports, you are so worked out you just want a nap. You had no idea learning Greek could be so exhausting!! Learning Greek with GreekPod101.com is the most fun and effective way to learn Greek! This Greek Video Vocabulary lesson is the first part in a two-part series that will help save you some energy for the fun stuff by teaching you how to talk about sports in Greek. In this Greek vocabulary video, you will learn Greek by watching the video, seeing both English and Greek translations describing the video, and all while listening to the Greek translations being read aloud by our native Greek speakers. Visit us at GreekPod101.com where you will find many more great Greek lessons and learning materials! Leave us a message while you are there!

Advanced Audio Blog #21 - Top Ten Tourist Destinations in Greece: Celebrating Easter in Corfu

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Greek with GreekPod101.com! "Watch out! You'll be hit!" your friend calls out to you in Greek. Puzzled, you look around everywhere for a Greek child about to hit you with a ball or some other weapon, but you see nothing. You ask your friend in Greek, "What am I looking out for?" Your friend replies in Greek, "Flying pots." You respond in Greek, "I don't see any pots, much less ones flying through the air. What on earth are you talking about?" Your friend explains in Greek, "People will throw pots out of the windows of their homes." You tell your friend in Greek, "Well, that's not very neighborly or welcoming of them, is it?" Your friend replies in Greek, "It's not supposed to be-it's supposed to keep the evil spirits away. You're not evil, are you?" You tell your friend in Greek, "Of course not!" Your friend says in Greek, "Then you have nothing to worry about!" Learning Greek with GreekPod101.com is the most fun and effective way to learn Greek! This Greek Audio Blog lesson will tell you how the Greeks celebrate Easter in the older part of the Greek city of Corfu. We'll explain the Greek traditions you'll witness and tell you why you need to take cover on this Greek holiday. Visit us at GreekPod101.com where you will find many more fantastic Greek lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!

All About #6 - Think You Can Answer These 5 Questions About Greece?

All About
Learn Greek with GreekPod101.com! No matter the reason for your travels to Greece, or even if you're just learning about Greece for pleasure, learning something about Greek history, culture, and current events will help you along the way! Whether you're playing Trivial Pursuit with your friends or conversing with Greek natives in Greece, knowing more about Greece will certainly impress! Learning tidbits about Greek geography, economics, politics, and pop culture will come in handy, even if it's when you least expect it. And if nothing else, you can always stir up some controversy by asking people about whether they think the Greeks' Mediterranean diet is effective. With this lesson, you'll no doubt learn some fascinating things about Greece you never knew! Learning Greek with GreekPod101.com is the most fun and effective way to learn Greek! This Greek All About lesson will teach you five things about Greece that will help you make the most out of your travels. At the very least, it will give you something to discuss at your next dinner party besides Greek food! Visit us at GreekPod101.com where you will find many more fantastic Greek lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!

Survival Phrases #21 - Internet Café

Survival Phrases Season 1
Learn Greek with GreekPod101.com! A little Greek can go such a long way! Whether you're traveling, visiting, or sightseeing, GreekPod101.com has all the essential travel phrases just for you! Today we cover a high frequency Greek phrase that you'll surely find useful on your trip, vacation, or travels to Greece. The Internet has become an essential part in the lives of so many people, and Greece is no different. Luckily, there are options for visitors to Greece who wish to log in. Today you will be learning how to access the web at a Greek cyber café. When using Greek or visiting Greece, these polite Greek phrases are sure to make you look great! Be sure to stop by GreekPod101.com and leave us a post! To learn more about Greek phrases and culture, be sure to drop by GreekPod101.com!  

News #8 - Time to Say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

It's the most important phrase you need to know in any language. There's a reason why it's the first phrase we teach in all our Survival Phrases series. Knowing how to say "Thank You" can make the difference between getting a 2nd date or getting the cold shoulder. Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner and since it is all about saying "Thank You", we're going to teach you how to say this magical phrase in all 21 Innovative languages! And why are you getting this special treat? Because the holiday bug hit us early and we want to thank YOU for your passionate support of GreekPod101.com! Today's news is all about YOU. So, how do we thank our amazing listeners for helping us reach 101 million downloads, giving us useful feedback and being enthusiastic about learning Greek? Listen to this Innovative Language news lesson to find out!