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Lesson Transcript

Maria: Welcome back to GreekPod101.com, the place to learn and to love Greek. In this lesson, we are taking years of experience in Greece and boiling it down to a few essential phrases that are a great place to start in Greek.
Iro: Yes, these are real-life Greek words that will help you every day!
Maria: Yes, they are guaranteed to be the best things you ever learned in Greek. Iro, where should we begin?
Iro: Well, we want to make a good impression right off the bat, so I think one place is with a simple greeting…"Geia sou" ("Γεια σου").
Maria: Yes, and if you don't know "Geia sou" ("Γεια σου") yet, we don't know where you've been. We would be remiss if we didn't teach you "hello."
Iro: Yes, "Geia sou" ("Γεια σου").
Maria: Yes, and to be even more polite and friendly, just add "ti káneis" ("Τι κάνεις").
Iro: "Geia sou, ti káneis?" ("Γεια σου, τι κάνεις"), meaning "Hello, how are you?"
Maria: "Geia sou" has other meanings as well, doesn't it?
Iro: It sure does! It's one of the more useful phrases you can use! It not only means "hello" but also "good-bye!"
Maria: So you really just need to learn one phrase as a greeting, and you'll survive just fine!
Iro: Next we of course need to mention "efcharistó" ("ευχαριστώ"), which is Greek for "thank you."
Maria: Showing good manners is very important, and a simple "thank you" will do the job.
Iro: Indeed! And this phrase can be used at any time just to show manners and appreciation.
Maria: It's so simple, but it will put a smile on people's faces!
Iro: That's Greek for you!
Maria: Ahem…while we're on the topic of politeness, a "please" will always come in handy!
Iro: Yes, in such a case, just say "parakaló" ("Παρακαλώ").
Maria: "parakaló" is used for both "please" and "you're welcome," right?
Iro: Yes, it is, as well as for getting people's attention! For example, you're in a shop and you need some help, but no clerks are at the front. Just say "parakaló" and someone is bound to come out to service you.
Maria: Great! And I remember when I was still a beginner and didn't know how to say what I wanted. I would just point at the thing and say "parakaló!"
Iro: Thank goodness for charades.
Amber: Yes, many a bathroom has been found in Greece with the help of charades, I am sure.
Iro: Yes, and here's another phrase for when you're in doubt…"Den katalavaíno" ("Δεν καταλαβαίνω").
Amber: "Δεν καταλαβαίνω" means "I don't understand."
Iro: This is such a common phrase.
Maria: It's perfect when you want help reading Greek, yeah!
Iro: Yes, Greeks always appreciate enthusiasm!
Maria: Here's another phrase that can come in handy…apologizing.
Iro: It's "singnómi" ("Συγγνώμη"). It literally means "sorry."
Maria: Yes, this is also used when you want attention, right?
Iro: Right! "sorry" or "excuse me," that sort of thing.
Maria: You're likely going to need to use "singnómi" a lot on your travels when asking the locals for directions and advice.
Iro: Yes, that always seems to happen!
Amber: We're equipping you well to ward off face slaps. In fact, you can just throw this word out at random, just to be on the safe side of etiquette. When are some other occasions when "singnómi" will come in handy?
Iro: Hmm, when you step on someone's foot?
Maria: Yes, you can apologize to all the dainty toes your foreign feet will step on in the crowded subway.
Iro: Yes, "singnómi."
Maria: Just like that. Or to repent over some cultural faux pas you likely don't know you've committed.
Iro: Yes, it doesn't hurt to be on the safe side.
Okay. We know that is five already, but hey, some of them were pretty short, so we're including a bonus phrase just because it's nice and polite and we have to share it.
Iro: "Me léne" ("Με λένε"), meaning "My name is…"
Maria: Being able to present your name will be highly appreciated and help you on your way.
Iro: Yeah, you will make many friends, and you will not be forgotten for sure. Greeks tend to remember you whether you like it or not.
Iro: I think those are all great phrases, Maria. We've really narrowed it down.
Maria: I agree! So, everyone, get started with these, and keep coming back for more essential and fun Greek here at GreekPod101.com!
Iro: Geia sas!
Maria: Bye!


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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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Here's a phrase that can get you out from any difficult situation!

Singnómi, den katalavéno.


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Hi Teresa,

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Where is the dialog tool?

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Hi John,

Thank you for posting!

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Need to add the Bonus Phrase to the pdf download!😜😜

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This a fantastic web site!

I am excited to learn greek.

I've been fascinated by it my whole life.

Thank you for the enthusiasm and positivity.

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Γεια σου Σιμόν!

Παρακαλώ! :smile:


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Γεια σου, Stefania,

Σας ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!

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Σας ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!

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